Evergreen Brickworks

The Kiln Building

We are the Project Manager leading the adaptive reuse of Building 16 (The Kiln Building) at Evergreen’s Brickworks through the design, permitting and construction and building commissioning process. The heritage building, which previously housed several large-scale kilns used to fire the bricks, will be the setting for a new national hub for innovation and a centre for sustainable city-building. Construction will include the enclosure of the open-sided building with new window walls, the installation of geothermal and solar storage-sourced heating and cooling through a radiant floor system, and the construction of collaborative research spaces above the kilns. The 53,000 square-foot, $12-million project aims for a standard of net-zero carbon and will be reopened to the public in the Spring of 2018.

The new under slab heating and cooling grid has been installed and drilling of the exterior geothermal well field has been completed. The new floor also serves a major flood management purpose - it raises the elevation of the building to provide protection for the heritage firing kilns to the five year storm event. The final design incorporates extensive interpretations of the industrial trolley tracks that once provided circulation of the bricks through the firing and drying kilns. This design was led by ERA Architects and benefitted from intensive consultation with Toronto Heritage Preservation Services, the Ontario Heritage Trust and the TRCA.

Project Team

LGA Architects

ERA Architects

Brookfield GIS

Arup Canada


Whitby Fire Hall

201 Brock Street, Whitby

We are redeveloping this one-acre site in the core of Old Whitby. The twenty-three unit live-work project at Colborne and Brock Street is part of the Town of Whitby’s initiative to revitalize its downtown through the introduction of carefully selected proposals that will attract new residents, new businesses and new jobs.

Waterfront Redevelopment

City of Orillia

Working with the City of Orillia, we are providing development consulting services for the redevelopment of its waterfront property at 70 Front Street, which the city purchased in 2015. The recommendations and overall vision that come out of our assessment will help prepare the City-led revitalization of its waterfront.

North York Women’s Shelter

City of Toronto

We are the Project Manager leading the approval and construction of a new 25,000 square-foot emergency shelter and program hub. The $8-million facility will be completed in March of 2019. Minor Variance approvals were completed in the summer of 2017. Site plan discussions have been finalized and our building permit has been submitted by LGA Architects to the City of Toronto. EllisDon will commence construction in March of 2018.

Project Team

LGA Architects